Delivery Systems

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Construction Services

General Contracting: We provide the complete construction of the project and assume all financial responsibility for the construction. All of the design and related support services are contracted separately with the Client. Forms of agreement are typically cost plus, guaranteed maximum price (GMP) or lump sum.

Construction Management: We work with the Client in an advisory and/or managerial capacity during both the design and construction phases, and the Client has direct contractual relationships with the subcontractors and suppliers. As an option, we can assume financial responsibility for the project and provide the Client with a guaranteed maximum price (GMP).

Design / Build: We provide the complete design and construction of the project. The Client is afforded the benefit of only contracting with one entity and of having a single point of responsibility for both the design and construction. Our involvement may begin early in the site selection process and will include site evaluation and analysis, planning and programming, preliminary investigations, design, construction and final commissioning.


Determination of the best Delivery System for a particular project will depend on the nature of the project and the Client's particular situation. We always welcome the opportunity to meet with a Client to discuss which system is most suitable for their project.